School news January 2019

We had a very busy month since we have returned to school after the Christmas holidays.  We are busy learning our tin-whistle every Friday with our music teacher.  Ten minutes practice every night is simple and proven to improve our art of the tin-whistle.  We are also working towards our next Green Schools Flag and the theme is ‘Travel’.  Mrs Flynn’s class have been busy playing safety games with Mr. O’ Sullivan’s and Ms. Brosnan’s classes.  The children love the games.   Every second Wednesday the library bus visits our school and we love reading new books.  The fifth and sixth class are very busy preparing for the confirmation,  they are looking forward to the special day.  Every Friday Ms. Doody leads our school assembly.  The children work hard to receive a special entry in the ‘Golden Book’.  We are looking forward to our Grandparents and Grandfriends day on Friday the 15th of February which we had to postpone due to the snow we had last week.  Everyone is welcome that day!

That’s all the news for now from Meelin N.S.