Amber Flag

2023 / 2024

Meet our Amber Flag Committee 2023/2024

We are very excited to inform you all that here in Meelin National School we intend to renew our Amber Flag . The Amber Flag initiative places importance on fostering positive mental health in our school & outside school life. Our new committee are very excited for the year ahead and have lots of wonderful ideas and initiatives to implement in the coming weeks.



What a beautiful morning we had for our wonderful Winter  Walk.

The sun shone out as we enjoyed the fresh air and a chat with our buddies!



The Amber flag committee held a very successful meeting  & spoke to all classes about positive affirmations. We look forward to many more activities over the year while working towards the Amber Flag & promoting positive mental health.



We held our Wellbeing Week as part of our Amber Flag initiative. Our Amber Flag Committee had been very busy coming up with ideas and activities for the whole school for Wellbeing Week.

Included is an outline of the activities taken part in during the week. 

We held a school fundraiser for Pieta House.

A huge thank you to all of our school community for donating to such a wonderful cause, all in the spirit of looking after our wellbeing. This money will be donated to Pieta House.
We will continue to nurture the wellbeing of our pupils, staff and parents through our Amber Flag work
On behalf of the Amber Flag Team, we would like to thank everyone for your continued support and help to spread positive mental health.

We hope that our Wellbeing Week helped create a sense of friendship, wellbeing and harmony in the classroom which will benefit students,
families and teachers in equal measure. 

Our Amber flag committee would like to thank all the pupils, parents & staff for their wonderful support with their recent “Colours “Day.
They were delighted to be able to send a donation to the total of €186 to Pieta House .



We would like to thank Nora for providing the yoga sessions to the children over the last number of weeks. This was so important for well-being & general good health. Well done to all.


Exciting week here at Meelin NS….We just received confirmation of an award!
Amber Flag Award
We are delighted to be able to confirm that our application for the Amber Flag in conjunction with Pieta House to raise awareness for mental health amongst our pupils and staff in Meelin National School was successful.
A special thanks to our to our Amber flag Committee members.
Also thanks to our parents that made a contribution to fundraising for Pieta House during Wellness Week.
Well done to everyone. Our Amber Flag is on the way to us and will soon be on display in our school.


Flag raising 2024