Curious Minds – Discover STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths)

Environmental awareness & care
5th and 6th Class attended a Field Trip to Kanturk with Michael O’ Connor IRD Development Officer for Nature Projects. Michael visited the school  for a chat with the children. Afterwards we travelled to Kanturk to take samples from the river as part of this project work. The children looked at water Biodiversity with the aim of conserving & improving the natural resource of our water courses.
Many thanks to IRD Duhallow CLG & Michael.


Materials & Change
Rice Krispie Bun Making
The Infants & First Class really enjoyed following the recipe for making rice krispie buns recently. They saw how chocolate melted and changed from a solid to a liquid.
The best part of all though was decorating and eating the delicious finished product! Top marks all round.


Living things – Plants 

The children in Junior Infants , Senior Infants & First class took advantage of the sunshine  and learned how plants need water , air , soil , space & light to grow. We planted daffodil bulbs & look forward to seeing the flowers in Springtime.



Skype a scientist
Rang 5 & 6 had Skype call with Mr. Hernando Martínez Vergara , a scientist who gave a fascinating insight to neuroscience. The children got thinking about how the brain works ! Inside your head, there are millions of cells, called neurons, that send wires to one another and to the muscles in the body. That way, they make who you are, make you think, make you remember, make you learn, make you understand the world, and make you move.
Many thanks to Skype a scientist & Mr. Hernando Martínez Vergara who gave so generously of his time


Science Week

Meelin N. S. Science week 2022 
We celebrated Science week. All classes investigated & experimented during the week.
Classes built towers , boats & the children designed possible future inventions.
The children held a science fair & presented experiments to other classes and staff.
All children used questioning , observing , predicting , investigating , experimenting , analysing & recording during all science activities & experiments relating to Living things , Energy & Forces , Materials and environmental awareness & care .
The children enjoyed a round up with a fantastic science quiz.
Well done to all our young scientists & all the staff.





Digital Literacy 
The pupils in 2nd, 3rd & 4th Class enjoyed composing, typing and printing their very own Halloween poems on their chromebooks.
The children put their technology skills to great use and were extremely proud of their SPOOKTACULAR poems.
The future is bright for all our young poets.


Chromebook Buddies
The boys and girls in the Senior Room made fantastic chromebook buddies  for the Infant and first class pupils.
It was wonderful to see such helpful interaction between the classes.This was a fun learning activity for all the pupils.Thanks to the Senior Room for being fabulous role models!




The senior room were given the task of planning , designing & building a bridge / catapult  from recycling materials. A great teamwork project with fantastic structures in the outcome  


Rang 1 & 2 participated in hands on active Maths games & activities . Each child engaged in learning experiences of developing Maths concepts & language .


Maths Week
Meelin N. S.  celebrated maths week. Maths is all around us. Each class participated in the use of hands on concrete materials , active learning using ICT , the environment, problem solving & estimating.
We took part in the 10 cent challenge , Maths puzzles , estimation & measuring weight , height & circumference of a pumpkin , maths trails , using iPads & chrome books along with traditional board games & activities for maths.
Well done to all our Mathematicians here in Meelin N. S.