Wellbeing Week 2022- Amber Flag

Last week we held Wellbeing Week as part of our Amber Flag initiative. Our Amber Flag Committee have been very busy coming up with ideas and activities for the whole school for Wellbeing Week.
Included is an outline of the activities we will be participating in during the week. 
On Friday, we will host a school fundraiser for Pieta House. Children are asked to bring in €2 each and wear their non uniform clothes inside out for the day. Inside Out Day encourages everyone to wear their clothes inside out to raise awareness for children’s mental health and to outline the concept that how someone looks on the outside doesn’t always reflect how they are truly feeling on the inside.
The money raised will go towards helping to provide much valued services offered by Pieta House across Ireland. All support is greatly appreciated.
We hope that our Wellbeing Week helps create a sense of friendship, wellbeing and harmony in the classroom which will benefit students,
families and teachers in equal measure. We are looking forward to a great week.