Meelin N.S., Meelin, Newmarket, Co. Cork.
Tel: 029-68103
E-Mail: office
Principal: Celine Doody
Dear Parents,
It has been announced that all schools are to close from this
evening until the 29th March due to the outbreak of Covid19.
Each teacher will be marking some activities that can be
completed over the course of the school closure, if you wish. This is
not mandatory, but it might be helpful to keep your child engaged
to some degree in work that has been covered in school.
There is no need to continue on to any new material which
has not been covered in school yet. There will be plenty of time
once we return to school so please do not go ahead with any new
Should you have any questions, I can be contacted at
Kind regards and wishing you all good health,
Signed: ___Celine Doody_________________________
Celine Doody
Meelin National School